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Ging Artha: The Pursuit of Wealth

Ging Artha: The Pursuit of Wealth

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 Enchanting Wealth Bracelet

Unleash Prosperity!

Discover the secret to attracting wealth and abundance with our enchanting Wealth Bracelet, featuring the captivating combination of citrine, aventurine, and green jade.

What is Artha?

Artha, derived from ancient Sanskrit, represents wealth, abundance, and prosperity. It encompasses not only material possessions but also spiritual and emotional well-being.

Top Benefits

Amplify Wealth: Citrine, known as the "Merchant's Stone," is believed to attract success, abundance, and financial opportunities, helping you manifest your desires effortlessly.

Luck and Opportunity: Aventurine, the stone of opportunity, enhances luck and assists in manifesting prosperity, bringing forth new avenues for growth and success in your life.

Harmony and Balance: Green Jade, a stone revered for centuries, promotes harmony, balance, and serenity, attracting good fortune and positive energy, while providing protection from negative influences.

Get ready to experience the power of these extraordinary gemstones, combined in a beautifully crafted bracelet, designed to help you attract wealth and abundance in all areas of your life. Don't miss the opportunity to unlock your potential and unleash prosperity with our enchanting Wealth Bracelet!


Materials: Gold Vermeil Green Jade Clover and High quality elastic cord

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